Internet Librarian International 2010 and other snippets

October 26, 2010

Hello! I always aim to please my readers, and so at this time of year it’s conference time, so we kick off with a two-day conference I attended at Internet Librarian International 2010 at the Hammersmith Novotel. I will provide you with some extra information about the conference, but as  firm believer of NOT re-inventing the wheel, just adding a few more spokes, I’ll point you to a series of three blogs I wrote for SLA-Europe, along with blogs written by my other SLA colleagues who attended the conference. We are all here: The conference was a really good one, and if you read the SLA-Europe blogs, you will see how much everyone got from the conference. Humour was in abundance as well as a learning curve within the presentations.  So – go and digest the blogs on the SLA-Europe web site and then return here for updates pertinent to the services/products/web “stuff” a la the speakers, including Phil Bradley, the vendors, publishers and much more. The social networking environment appears to be taking a new turn in the business world………..therefore, I’ll be back shortly.




Knowledge is for sharing

October 24, 2009

ILI 2009 has been and gone in London recently. (look it up if you don’t know what it is! :-)) I was involved in a really interesting workshop presented by Ulla de Stricker on Business Cases, which under the current difficult economic constraints, was a very good topic to put into a business world discussion.  We had discussions with people from Asia, the Middle East and South Africa; and these people brought some difficult, but interesting cases  to the table, covering and crossing cultural and comunication, financial and infrastructural boundaries.  We also had Stephen Arnold in attendance to add some good advice. If we’d had double the time, I suspect we would still have run out of it because the workshop was prolific, enjoyable and we all had a common interest by attending this particular worshop. That’s why knowledge is for sharing…..

In Travelling with Your Mouse, I mentioned a data security company called Sophos, who have a new report out that may well be worth registering for; Know Your Enemy. It’s called the Free SecurityThreat Guide: It covers an a-z of computer and data security threats and you can get it by registering with them:

Another great resource that is coming soon, is from the Tax Justice Network. TJN are producing a Financial Secrecy Index.

Secrecy Jurisdictions: Mapping the Faultlines is another of TJN’s projects. These resources are an excellent bolt-on for following data on tax havens, KYC, and corruption.