Internet Librarian International 2010 and other snippets

October 26, 2010

Hello! I always aim to please my readers, and so at this time of year it’s conference time, so we kick off with a two-day conference I attended at Internet Librarian International 2010 at the Hammersmith Novotel. I will provide you with some extra information about the conference, but as  firm believer of NOT re-inventing the wheel, just adding a few more spokes, I’ll point you to a series of three blogs I wrote for SLA-Europe, along with blogs written by my other SLA colleagues who attended the conference. We are all here: The conference was a really good one, and if you read the SLA-Europe blogs, you will see how much everyone got from the conference. Humour was in abundance as well as a learning curve within the presentations.  So – go and digest the blogs on the SLA-Europe web site and then return here for updates pertinent to the services/products/web “stuff” a la the speakers, including Phil Bradley, the vendors, publishers and much more. The social networking environment appears to be taking a new turn in the business world………..therefore, I’ll be back shortly.




Lord Ashcroft, Tax Havens, Flintstones

October 4, 2010

Hello again,

Second Life have their Halloween Edition of their magazine here

I’ve had a couple of coments re; My Second Life question, and wanted to provide you with a little something a colleague sent me . Eleni Zazani sent me an article from which I think you will find really interesting regarding stats on Virtual World use/users. Also I have been a subscriber of ReadWriteWeb for a while and that is worth checking out and getting your free subscription. The Second Life article is here:

Number of Virtual World Users Breaks 1 Billion, Almost Half Under Age 15. While this is no surprise when you consider how many young men are hooked on Playing Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and all the other popular (violent) games issued by all the big boys (Wii, XBox, Playstation etc) the articles suggests that this medium of contact is making itself felt in the professional world. I have done training using Virtual Worlds, and I think it is a great way of continuing with further education in relation to a particular profession. It breaks down every time-barrier as you learn when you want to in your own time zone.

I was looking forward to last Monday night’s Panorama, but unfortunately due to pending litigation, the BBC were forced to pull the programme concerning Lord Ashcroft, and his Non-Dom status in the UK, as he lives in Belize. They replaced it with a repeat of something a little less controversial. The Tax Justice Network didn’t manage to change their blog on time; but it didn’t matter. I enjoy this blog, because of the diverse amount of factual data that is published here, and yes – sources are always properly quoted, because this gives authenticity and authority to the published works. TJN cover the global network of tax havens, often attacking the regimes in certain offshore jurisdictions with valid argument. They also monitor the OECD and IMF in relation to Information exchange agreements, which can be very flimsy, but can often take the countries agreeing to these TIEAs to the white list, from the black list, if they sign enough of them with other countries. Look it up on the TJN web site if you need more on this subject. There’s a lot there at your fingertips, a few clicks away.

Are you well travelled? If so, you have to catch An Idiot Abroad. (9pm on Thursday evenings, Sky1. Repeated on Sky2 on Saturday same time.) Ricky Gervaise hires his best mate Karl to do a documentary about travelling around the world. Karl prefers to stay at home. The sense of humour is awesome, as Karls has a very dry wit and doesn’t mince his words. Catch it if you can, as it’s must-have viewing. Week 1 – China; Week 2 India and next week Egypt.

I hit a certain half century this year, so I was very surprised to see the Flintstones gracing the Google home page last Friday. I can’t believe we are the same age, especially as I don’t recall how old I was when I first saw the Flintstones on TV. My first TV memories are of a small black and white TV and “Watch with Mother”  type stuff, like Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men, progressing onto the likes of  Whacky Races and Road Runner.   To all of you out there having a smirk and walking around with a smug look on your face – The Simpsons celebrated 25 years of being in existence this year as well…………………..Ho hum – all things are relevant somewhere to someone.

Back soon.