The bigger they are, the mightier they fall….

And so we head on to Asia. They have Power failures. Actually so do we, but our are failures are from lack of basic infrastructure upgrades. It’s called PFI. The biggest rip-off in the entire world as we know for financing large public projects. Broken Britain  is really broken, thanks to PFI. Fot the next 30 years or more, the UK is going to pay PFI companies 500% more than the investments that should have been spent in updating the country and its infratructure systems under government control.

China’s problems stem from their inability to sustain their coal  (and Steel) output to mainain a coherent level of power into their own country. That means that the Chinese will freeze while China chucks out its power to other regions. But we all knew that anyway – surely? Or am I just the cynic?


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